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Drew Estate Natural Dirt Torpedo

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For years, Jonathan Drew has been the foremost experimenter in adding exotic ingredients to his world-class tobaccos, creating in the process ACID cigars. From his Honduran farm come the most aromatic filler and wrapper tobaccos, those that make others green with envy, but unlike his avant-garde ACID, Drew’s Natural employs no flavoring agents, only a cosmopolitan collection of fillers and wrappers emanating from twelve different countries, including the likes of Haiti, and a number from African. This is Jonathan Drew’s Natural. Yes, it’s a Natural wrapper that encircles this remarkable cigar, but because of Jonathan Drew’s extensive selection of triple fermented filler tobaccos, the taste is anything but usual. To fully appreciate the work of this genius with flavors, one must taste a cigar made by Drew. The experience is like no other. The taste, while truly a tobacco sensation, is so much more. It literally defies description, but there can be no mistaking the quality, and the taste is such that it brings smokers back again and again.