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Mariana Vera Says: " Great new place in town! Love the ambiance and huge selection of cigars, wine and beer. "

Eddie Sieiglie Says: " Not your typical cigar bar where you feel like you're in a boys club. You can take your girlfriend or wife and feel comfortable. This place is definitely somewhere you can take a date and feel relaxed. "

Robert Singer Says:Great new cigar bar in Ft. Lauderdale creating a modern twist to the world of cigar bars. Decor and feel is like nothing I've seen which is tough to believe as I have been smoking cigars for over 25 yrs. The future of cigar bars has arrived. Congrats guys you have set the standard. "

Rob Segedi Says: " Ozzie was very nice and hooked me up with a free My Father cigar. Loved the look of the place and a nice walk in on the back! Brand new place they have a very good assortment right now with more coming in later this week! " 

Maggie Gonzalez Rodriguez Says: " What a place! It's about time there was a place where one can unwind among friends and a great atmosphere! Thumbs' up!!!! "

Nick W. Says: " Just what this area needed!  A sleek, upscale, modern cigar bar in downtown Lauderdale!  Really welcoming and friendly staff.  Truly great cigar selection in their walk in humidor and surprisingly good prices.  I just found my new favorite cigar bar! "

Lisa H. Says: " A great place to unwind with friends, had a nice glass of Greg Norman Pinot Noir, while listening to Miles Davis and admiring the beautiful decor, Ozzie the owner is great , such a gentleman. Well worth a visit! "

Tony P. Says: " I've been waiting for a Cigar Bar like this to open up. Very trendy and modern, yet a relaxed atmosphere. Cold beer on tap or in bottles, and a beautiful walk-in humidor to keep the great selection of sticks at the right temp. Nice place to sit inside and watch tv or sit outside and people watch while enjoying a cold one and a good stick. Ozzie, the owner, is always ready to get you another beer or suggest a good smoke. Love the look of the place, and it's a short walk to/from Riverfront if you want to keep the party going. "

Demetrio W. Says: The beard man at the bar really knows about cigars. I am starting at cigar smoking, and had a good time at this new place in Andrews Ave. The beers were cold, Cigars prices are ok, and great relax atmosphere to unwind after work. "

Heath W. Says: " Great cigar lounge in Ft. lauderdale, just opened, beautiful spot, 4 tvs, great beer selection and an amazing walk in humidor, perfect spot to chill. Come in and ask for Ozzie! Really enjoyed my afternoon here. "

Shawn W. Says:Great place to sit back have a beer, a glass of wine and certainly a cigar or two!!  The owner, Ozzie is a great guy who is more than happy to share a conversation. For the novice or beginner smoker, he can educate you on the cigars available and help you choose the right one for you.  However, if you an experienced cigar smoker, you will be happy with the wide variety and selection. I highly recommend you give it a try. "

Andy M. Says: " Great place to spend time with good friends and meet new people. The owner Ozzie makes you feel like the bar is your second home. Very knowledgeable and just a great atmosphere to be in. They offer a plenty of smoke selections and plenty of beer to choose from. I highly recommend you visit the cigar bar. No other place like it. "

Manuel G. Says: " This is the perfect place to unwind after work. Close to the office, young and hip, but unpretentious.  Modern day "Cheers." Ask for Ozzie, he'll take care of you.  He was quick to suggest a good beer and even better cigar.  He knows his stuff.  Highly recommend this place!