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About Us

Downtown Cigar Bar is a modern day cigar bar where everyone from the novice cigar smoker to cone-sours alike can enjoy a premium hand rolled cigar. Treat yourself to a fine wine, or a cold beer while sitting in our comfortable and inviting lounge. 

Located walking distance to Las Olas Boulvard in the heart of Downtown Fort Lauderdale, this modern cigar bar has a sophisticated air purification and extraction system which provides a comfortable indoor smoking experience. 

Established in 2015 by a life long cigar smokers following his passion to create the opposite of grandpa's good old boy club. All walks of life are welcome and treated like a king or queen... Another feature Downtown Cigar Bar offers is a state of the art sound system. Celebrate your birthday, bachelor party, or divorce. 

Downtown Cigar Bar is the premier destination for cigar aficionados from all over South Florida. We have it all and if you are looking for something new to puff on our experienced staff will point you in the right direction.